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After an extensive search of The Nutshack on google images, I can confirm their is not a single soul who enjoys the show. The show is okay!! Who am I kidding. The show sucks. But I love it lol. Anyway, So i really want to put some pictures up people have made about the nutshack (mostly memes) but I dont want to talk to anyway and have them question why I put their image on my wiki. ((this kid just ran by me who looked like tyler oakly)) So basically I dont want human interaction. Perhaps this is the reason I have no friends? Lol who knows. (I do know and I can confirm)....Anyway, I just wanted to share this great picture from a great band who makes great music...................stay noided 

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Woah anna you are so funny hahahahhahahhahahah But whar does stay noided mean???

@uzzy123 its a lyric from a song from a band called Death Grips who is known for experiemntal techno and hardcore stuff. So stay noided is like "stay paranoid" or like be aware of your surroindings.  Stay noided

stay noided yoooooooooooooooo
HAHA what a funny epic le meme. I have been le epically trolled LOLOLOLOLO
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