Angel is a minor recurring character in The Nutshack.

Place of birth [Assumed] Mexico
Age [Assumed] Mid 20's-early 30's
Love interests
More information
Current home Daily City


Angel wears a grey collared shirt that is tucked into tan pants. He has a black belt with a silver belt buckle and Nike brand shoes.

He has two tattoos on his arms as well as a black and white bandanna tucked inside the front of is pants.

He sports slicked back brown hair coupled with a long mustache and goatee.


Angel is very strong, but very nice. He is a little bit of a hot head (as seen in episode 8) but can be very calm.

He first meets Jack in episode one, when Phil is showing Jack around Daily City. Angel hangs around his stoner friend, Ed, but is not seen actually smoking with him.

He is a very good friend to Phil and Jack and is very funny. He's always having fun and is a real smooth talker (as seen in episode 3) He is also seen doing graffiti with Phil and Jack, however they get in trouble due to Jack writing his own address.



  • Angel shot Jack in the rear and gave him two buttholes.
  • Angel calls Jack "Jack in the box" as a nickname.
  • Angel can resurrect people by talking to Jesus or plugging in a NES controller and doing the Konami Code but when they come back, they come back as their inner mexican.