Place of birth Philippines
Age Early teens
Love interests N/A
More information
Current home Philippines


Baboi appears to be a bit older than Boiboi and Tits but a bit younger than the rest of his brothers. He wears a orange short-sleeved shirt and has tan coloured capris. Baiboi's wears are blue converse shoes. His hair is parted to the side and slides off the right side of his head. He has a bit of acne and also appears to be trying to grow out a mustach. Baboi wears braces and has only one front tooth instead of two like normally.


Babe doesn't really talk much. He possibly may be going throw a rebellious phase because his sitting facial expression looks frustrated and annoyed. Also the point that he is just starting to develop facial hair.



  • Baboi's nick name is Baduboi.
  • Baboi's name might be a play on the word Baboy which means "Pig" in Filipino