Becky is a minor character of The Nutshack who only had a small role in the first episode and appeared a few times as a cameo in the background.

Place of birth [Assumed] Philippines
Age [Assumed] Early 30's
Love interests
More information
Current home Daily City


Becky has tan skin and a few tattoos on her chest and stomach. Her stomach tattoo is a mint-colored PlayBoy bunny, but the tattoos on her chest are just random marks. She wears a loose red bikini top and tight red shorts. Becky wears red high heels and has red painted nails. She has a red hair band and her makeup consists of blue eyeshadow and red lipstick.


Becky is only seen in episode one, but we can tell just from that short thirty seconds that she is a nice woman. She has "rules and regulations" for her men and is very picky about who she dates. She doesn't mind the fact that Jack and Phil mock her for being a "slut" and she goes about her business.




  • Becky only dates white men (confirmed fact in E1S1)