Cherry Pie
Place of birth [Assumed] Vietnam
Age [Assumed] Early 30's
Love interests N/A
More information
Current home Daily City

Cherry Pie is a character of the The Nutshack series. She is Vietnamese trans woman in Daly City.


Cherry has tan skin and brown hair with a bun. She wears a pink blouse tied up to show her stomach. She wears purple pants with a gold belt and pink shoes. Around her neck are teal and gold boas. Her nails are painted red and she wears a pink bracelet. She has pink earrings to match her bracelet and has a red hair tie and red hair sticks in her hair. She is slightly shorter than Jack.


Cherry Pie is very nice and funny. She is good friends with Jack, Phil, Tito Dick, and Chita. Jack and Phil always make remarks on how she's not really a woman but Cherry sticks up for herself and ignores them. Cherry is really good friends with Chita and can sometimes be seen hanging out with her.

Cherry owns a salon where she welcomes the gang when they come in. Cherry is a good friend and enjoys giving people makeovers.


  • Phil - Phil is rude to her, but seems to enjoy her company, as he said so in Duck Karma and actually considers her a friend. Cherry isn't afraid to go off on Phil if he steps out of line though. He wasn't super opposed to Cherry giving him a makeover in Pimp My Jeepney, and still gendered her correctly despite being angry, which shows how much he genuinely cares, even passively.
  • Jack - Under Phil's influence, Jack treats Cherry as well as Phil does, though Cherry doesn't seem very upset by it. She refers to him as one of her "favorite boyfriends" in Duck Karma, along with Phil.
  • Horat - Horat treats Cherry about as well as Phil or Jack, maybe even worse, but Cherry doesn't pay him much attention really ever.
  • Chita - Cherry and Chita don't have very much interaction, but Chita is the most accepting of Cherry being trans, if not a little ignorant. In Got Surgery?, Chita even says it's "okay" for Cherry to get breast implants because Cherry is "trying to be a woman" while simultaneously berating the others for pointless plastic surgery. Cherry doesn't seem to feel negatively or positively towards Chita.
  • Tito Dick - Tito Dick and Cherry don't interact a whole lot, so their relationship is fairly unknown, outside of Blind Dick and little comments he makes towards Cherry.


  • Cherry Pie was the directer of a miniature pornography convention.
  • Cherry Pie was once mistaken for a prostitute by a police officer and got mad at him and raped him.
  • However, according to the theme song Cherry Pie is still a virgin.
  • Cherry Pie's birth name is Joeseph Gotmytan.
  • Cherry Pie enjoys Sailor Moon, Nascar, and hair removal.
  • Cherry Pie has a 'tramp stamp' that says "Happy Endings"