Dwayne Futon is one of the minor recurring characters of The Nutshack. He is a goofy landlord who is often made a fool of.

Place of birth Daily City
Age [Assumed] early 50s
Love interests
More information
Current home Daily City


Dwayne wears mustard yellow pants and a red shirt with 2 white breast pockets and white collar. His shoes are black slippers, and they reveal a bit of his socks. He has some baldness, and he has green dandruff that flakes off.


Although Dwayne is quite cheerful and friendly, he is very nosy and touchy. He constantly comes into Phil's apartment uninvited (He is their landlord), and he forces himself on to the gang to try really hard to become their friends but just ultimately gets pushed aside. But the truth is, is that according to Dwayne himself in the first episode of the series, he says that he's lonely and hungry, which can be assumed that he doesn't have any food and he has no real friends.



  • Dwayne had surgery done to grow an enormous black Afro.
  • Dwayne says that he was apparently a father once.
  • He was married once to a Filipina Mail order Bride. They were madly in love but her citizenship was approved.
  • Dwayne mostly appears in the intro, he's mostly called "White Guy" when the meme was popular.