In the first episode of season two, Phil and Tito Dick are walking on the sidewalk when Dwayne reminds them that its father's day. Phil then becomes upset because he doesn't know who his father is. Phil tries to pry the answer out of Tito Dick but he doesn't know how to tell him the real story and then tries to convince him that his father is named Milky Liquor. Phil realises that he's lying and decides to go to the Philippines with Jack to discover his roots. When he gets there he meets his cousins BaboiBiboiBingbingBoiboi, and Tits. The group of cousins bring them to a man who they claim can help Phil find his father. When phil meets the man Ertwan, he realises that Ertwan wants to be his daddy and not find his daddy. Phil punches Ewtwan in the face to knock some sense into him and Ertwan finally tells him to go on the show Wowowee to really find his father. After going on the show and being tricked and humiliated and not finding his father by the show's host, Willie Revealia, his cousins finally take him to their home village. There, Phil meets Tito Ting. He tells the true story of Phil's family. But there is a twist about who Phil's real father is...

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