El Bombadero

In the second episode of season two, Phil takes Jack and Horat out 'bombing' (doing graffiti) with Angel and Ed. While Phil and the rest of the gang are bombing their street names on the walls of Daily City, Jack spray paints his entire name and address on the wall. If that's not bad enough, he spray painted over the infamous 'Baby Dolphin'; And everyone knows that bombing over someone else tag is disrespectful. The next day, the Baby Dolphin is spray painted EVERYWHERE all over Daily City. Jack assured Horat is just a coincidence, until they get ambushed by ninjas. Jack and Chita attempt to help Jack get out of the sticky situation until they realise Jerome and Jamar are the Baby Dolphin. Jerome threatens to shoot Jack if he doesn't give up Horat to them, since Horat has amazing 'bombing' skills, Jamar wants to modify him and make him theirs. Of course, Jack and the gang refuse which leads to Jack's death. Will the gang defeat Jerome and Jamar's ninjas and bring Jack back?!