The Nutshack Crew

Episode 1: Pilot

Jack just moved to California from the Philippines. His cousin Phil shows him around to meet the whole city. However, while Jack and Phil are out in the town, Tito Dick is stuck trying to explain what Horat is to Dwayne, the nosy landlord. In the end, Jack meets Chita who he proclaims as the love of his life. Where will their adventures go next?

Episode 2: Road Trippin'

Jack, Phil, Chita and Horat are going skiing in Lake Tahoe. While Phil and Horat sign up to be apart of a miniature pornography convention, Jack and Chita go skiing and have fun gambling. What Phil and Horat don't know is they won't be acting with beautiful women. They signed up for a homosexual pornography session!

Episode 3: Pimp My Jeepney

Jack decides to buy a car from the Philippines since Phil's car is a clunker. When Jack goes to pick up his Jeepney at the dock and drive it home, he becomes the "cool guy" in town for having such a sweet ride! Phil tells Jack to get his car designed at DC customs where their friends Ed and Angel work. They do such an amazing job, that even celebrities start buying jeepneys. Jack and Phil are challanged to a drag race by the local troublemakers. Will they win and gain glory or lose and have to get make overs at Cherry Pie's salon?!

Episode 4: Got Surgery?

A new plastic surgery shop just opened at Daily City mall. The gang all agrees that having a plastic surgery place in a mall is kind of silly but Chita says how vain and dumb getting plastic surgery in general. When the gang protest to Chita's opinions she leaves in anger. Later, Chita comes back to check up on the gang and...they all have plastic surgery! Soon, the plastic sugeryy starts to come "undone" making the gang look worse than before. What will they do?!

Episode 5: Duck Karma

When an old women wakes Phil up from his beauty sleep by selling Baloots to a noisy crowd outside his home, he plans on getting his revenge. Jack suggests to just leave her be but Phil has other fact, he decides to by them all from her so she stops making noise. When he eats when on the baloots he's bought, it contains drugs [Assumed: LSD] and he starts "turning into a duck". What will happen to Phil?

Episode 6: Blind Dick

This episode is a parody of ninja movies. Tito Dick stars as the blind hero who fights crime. He saves a beautiful mystery woman from getting raped in an allyway. When the mysterious lady gets kidnapped again, Blind Dick has to verse his nephews who star as the town's hoodrats. Will Blind Dick fall in love with the mystery woman?

Episode 7: 420

All pot in the world has disintegrated and Phil is going crazy! He needs his pot! Ed told him there is a secret temple that holds an unlimted amount of pot. Phil drags Chita and Jack along to help him find this temple. Soon, they find and enter it. They somehow fall through the floor revealing the vault of pot they are looking for...but they encounter a strange enemy trying to kill them...Bob Saget! Will they defeat Bob or will Bob defeat them!?

Episode 8: Blackapino

Jack and Phil notice famous pinoys on T.V. are acting "black". Phil tells Jack that he has to act "black" to get the ladies. He gets Tito Dick and other buddiss to pimp Jack out so he can find a woman. When his attempts fail at trying to get a lady. Jack walks over to DC Customs to say "hi" to Ed and Angel. They can't tell who he is since he is so pimped out. Ed and Angel get worried about this strange looking man and retrieve their guns and shoot Jack down. Will Jack make it out of the hospital okay or will something happen?

Episode 9: TTBoy and Kid Utut

The episode is a parody of Batman and Robin. Take warning if you're watching this episode for it contains extremely dirty content. Professor Pinyot (Dwayne) and Evil Dick (Tito Dick) have infected birthcontroll pills with a chemical that causes the user to become pregnate with Evil Dick's child. Once the child is born, they escpae from the hospital and go to Evil Dick to become part of his evil baby army. Will TTBoy and Kid Utut be able to stop him?