Place of birth Philippines
Age late 30's
Love interests Tits


More information
Current home Phillippines


Ertwan is a very thin man with a muscular chest. He wears white dress-shoes with black laces and purple flare pants that have rips and tears all over them. His belt is brown with a gold buckle and he has a matching gold bracelet. Ertwan wears a collared pastel green shirt with the collar flipped up and all the buttons unbuttoned to his navel. He wears gold-lensed glasses with red frames. His hair is shaved down neatly and he also has a tiny moustache.


Ertwan is a very good business man who helped Phil and Jack's cousins out of the slums in the Philippines. Ertwan is a stereotypical gay man similar to the way Rainbow Scout was portrayed. He swings his hips as he walks and he has a slanted feminine posture. His voice is very feminine and he has a thick accent as well.


Ertwan is said to have raped Tits as a return favor for giving his family a motorcycle. He also asked Phil if he wanted to take a 'rape shower' (but at that point Phil got freaked out and punched him).


In Episode 1S2 it is shown that in Ertwan's office, he has a little play ground set up apparently called "Never ever land". Phil get's freaked out and starts shouting at Ertwan about how this isn't going to help find his dad. Then Ertwan realizes he was mistaken; he thought Phil wanted him to be his daddy (or his mommy, or whatever he likes) and not help him find him.