Jackson Colerro
Place of birth Philippines
Age late 26
Love interests Chita
More information
Current home Daily City


Jack is very heavy and is much larger than his cousin Phil. He wears burgandy pants and large brown shoes. He wears sometimes noticeable white socks as well. His shirt is a few shades lighter than his burgandy pants. It also has a yellow square patch in the middle with a black design that may resemble a mushroom or telephone.


Jack talks very slow and deep however, his voice is portrayed like that to add emphesise on his weight. He is very nice and unlike his troublesome cousin Phil. He enojys women's compnay and uses less foul language than his cousin Phil and his cousin's bestfriendd, Chita.Throughout the entire show, Jack is being taken advantage of a lot how ever, in the ending of the show, Jack's outcome of their adventures is usually positvee rather than negative like Phil's.


Jack's love interest is Chita, Phil's best friend. Chita has shown interest to jack however it is not canon. In episode two Chita dreams she is about to have sex with Jack but finds out he has a third nipple. It is later revealed that the "third nipple" is actually chocolate. Chita never finds out it is chocolate. Each episode is a new story and there is no continuation so through out the entire first season, Chita and Jack hook up.


  • Jack's mother is dead
  • Jack's name is a play on the Tagalog slang word "jakolero", which is someone who masturbates a lot.