Manu is a minor character from The Nutshack.

Place of birth Hawaii
Age [Assumed] Early 30's
Love interests Married to unknown character
More information
Current home Daily City


Manu has 2 black tribe tattoos on his arms. He has dark tan skin. He wears a large blue sleeveless shirt that says "Big Dawg" in white letters. He also wears black swim trunks with dark blue flowers and white outlines. On his knees and upper arms, he has dark tribe tattoos. Manu's shoes are black, grey and blue. He wears a fishing hook necklace and has red and black hair tied up. He has yellow plugs on his ears and 2 cartilage piercings on his ears.


Manu is a gentle person despite his appearance. He is very nice to Jack and Phil and is one of their good friends. He first appears in episode one, siting next to Jack on the plane to California. Manu enjoys partying (as shown in episode 5) and he also enjoys drinking (also shown in episode 5).


Manu is married to an unknown character. We are only given a glimpse of his wife in episode 1 for about three minutes.


  • Manu beat Jack up once because Horat was bothering him in Pilot.

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