NUMP is a background/minor character in The Nutshack. He seems to be a cartooned verison of the pinoy rapper "NUMP TRUMP" who worked on the show's theme and "Going Back to the P.I".

NUMP Trump
"I got grapes, whatchu watching son."
Place of birth Philippines
Age The same age as NUMP was around 2007
Love interests '
More information
Current home Daily City


NUMP wears a baggy purple shirt with the caption "I Gott Grapes" with a drawing of Grapes (a reference to NUMP's I Gott Grapes song.), darkish blue pants. He also wears spetacles, a green hat (with yellow and black stripes) and yellow, purple and white shoes.


He seems to be the host for the Myx TV station that appears in the episode "BlackaPino" with a Jerome look-a-like. He kinda acts like the same person that's based on. He also appears in the show's intro.


  • NUMP has appeared as a background chacter in "Fatherland" and "The Choad Warrior". 
  • Animation Error (His BlackaPino variant): He's appeared with eyebrows for a few seconds, but then goes back to without them.


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