Phil and Tito Dick are playing an Star Wars fighting game until Tito makes an announcement that Jack is coming to the Daily City in the Tenderloin, San Francisco. Jack is paranoid of coming over to the US, but Horatio comforts him. An air-line woman noticed Horatio and then an incident with Manu and Jack occurs. Jack goes to the apartment that Tito and Phil live in, Tito Dick lies to Jack but then claims it was a joke. Tito introduces Phil and Jack to each-other until Dwayne comes into the room.

Everyone in the apartment room flee, Phil goes downtown and introduces Jack to everyone in the Tenderloin, a woman named Becky, 2 of Phil's friends (Angel and Ed) and the local bartender. While the two are gone, Tito is introduced to Horatio until Dwayne once agian comes into the room. Tito makes Dwayne embarrassed but then gets attacked by Horatio.

Phil and Jack come back from their trip, tell Tito and Horatio about their trip and then go to bed.


  • This is the first episode that uses the regular intro until Episode 4 (Got Surgery.)
  • This is the commonly viewed Nutshack episode, despite Duck Karma being popular too.
  • This episode and Road Trippin' originally used different Warning screens in their original airings (Proven by the offical "thenutshack" Youtube channel.)