Rainbow Scout is a recurring character in both seasons of The Nutshack, often appearing for just a few minutes.

Rainbow Scout
Place of birth [Assumed] Daily City
Age [Assumed] late 30's to early 40s
Love interests Jackson Colero
More information
Current home Daily City


Rainbow Scout wears a grey crop top with a neon green undershirt in addition to a pink neck tie. He wears neon green pants that have a black crotch patch with a purple belt and purple fingerless gloves.

On his left arm, he has an anchor tattoo and he wears a green beret to cover his pink hair. On his upper arms he wears pink ribbons.


Rainbow Scout is only seen in a few episodes. He is a really undeveloped character due to relying on the "gay-man" stereotype.

He is generally nice however, he doesn't respect that Jack and Phil are not gay and continues to act flirtatious around them, which makes them strongly dislike him.




  • Rainbow Scout really loves men's rears.
  • Rainbow Scout is a doctor and saved Jack from getting shot.