The Nutshack is a Filipino-American adult cartoon aired on Myx TV in the United States and Myx in the Philippines between 2007 and 2011. It is mostly about two cousins named Jack and Phil who live with their uncle, Tito Dick, in Daly City /The Tenderloin District. The show had two seasons.

The show was created by two Filpino-Americans named Ramon Lopez and Jesse Hernandez.


Most of the merchaindise were either sold at conventions or just privately, they were mostly things like posters and shirts. Some of the shirt designs are the show's logo with Phil's signature "Got Nutz" behind the shirt, Tito Dick in a similar fashion as Obama. The show had a home media release that was made in 2007, then released later in 2009 by distrubtor "Kosh Entertainment". 


The Nutshack was in development since mid or late 2005, the show was teased around 2006 on Youtube and possibly Television. The first 3 episodes of the show were made around late 2006, the entirety of Season 1 was made in early to mid 2007. Season 2 began production around late 2007 and finished around 2008, but was only aired till 2011. The show was animated in Macromedia Flash through out the entire series on a Windows XP model. Jesse and Ramon claimed that they didn't hold back for the series finale (ala "WTF/Battle of the Bay)


  • Ramon Lopez as Phil Matibag, Sanjae
  • Rex Navarrete (replaced with Joey Gulia in S2) - Jack, Tito Dick and Cherry Pie
  • Jesse Hernandez - Horatio, Dwayne, Ed and Angel, Willie and Rainbow Scout.
  • Jerome Castro and Jamar Logan - Jerome and Jamar
  • Jamar Logan - Manu


The show is considered to be one of the worst animated shows ever due to its low quality animation and offensive content, it is most infamous for its theme song, which is considered to be repetitive and painful as said by most reviewers (Mr Enter, RebelTaxi and PhantomStrider). Some find the show entertaining, interesting to watch.

It has a 2.2 score on IMDb and a 4/10 on Some claim the show rips off "Friday: The Animated Series" which is untrue.

After the series ending (connection to Wild Grinderz, The Meme)

A year after The Nutshack ended, an Nick show named "Wild Grinders" premiered. The show seems to have a similar artstyle to the second season of The Nutshack. (Eyes, ears, hands and noses.) Causing people to start claiming Wild Grinders is the "successor" of The Nutshack.

Season 1 and 2 were lost media until 2014, when The Nutshack Archive released the entire episodes on his youtube channel. The channel says that Ramon Lopez had Season 2 on a bootleg DVD-R and was given to him along with other goodies relating to the show.

The Nutshack became a small fad when SiIvaGunner started using the theme song in his high quality rips during the Reboot era. In August of 2016, The Nutshack became a huge meme and restored a fad ("X but X is replaced with X").


  • The Nutshack had choppier animation during early production of the show, one of the teasers was used in a episode (Jeepney Episode/Pimp my Jeepney)
  • Season 2 was never released on home media, which is why it's censored.
  • The theme song had extended lyrics, it was also lost media until Jan of 2017.