Willie Revealia
Place of birth Philippines
Age late 30's
Love interests (possibly) The girls who co-host his show.
More information
Current home Philippines


Willie is an average sized man but is however, kind of slim. He wears a pink collared shirt that is buttoned all the way down and it untucked. His pants are dark grey. It's unknown what his shoes look like because they are never shown. His hair is black and slicked down with a middle part. Willie also wears circle shaped glasses very high on the bridge of his nose.


Willie Revealia is very unpredictable. He hosts a television show called 'Wowowee'. It's unknown what the show is really about but Willie does constantly remind Phil that he is on a family show and should not curse. Phil's cousins convince him that Willie can help him find his father in episode 1S2 so he goes on Willies show Wowowee. Willie ultimately humiliates Phil and tricks him into thinking his father is at first him, and then his Cambodian servant.


Willie possibly has relations with the girls who co-host the show. He also explicitly tells Phil that "those are his girls".


  • Willie asked Phil if he was gay because his last name is Matibag which sounds like McTeabags.